Olayinka Olubunmi

Organisation: Center for Women Reproductive and Child Rigth

Pays: Nigeria

Poste: Project coordinator

For seven years I have working on women empowerment in both rural and urban but my experience on the high acceptability of innovation of rural women made me concentrate more on them I discovered women are fast.
I have been on women developed interest in this field.
I have conducted researches and presented papers on women empowerment and development.
I am presently conducting a research on analysis of governmental and non governmental organisation projects on women empowerment.

Qu’est-ce que signifie pour vous le renforcement de capacités de femmes?:
To me as an African Woman, it is a process by which dependent becomes independent and take control of their livelihood condition. not necessarily the disbursement of money in form cash value but provision of the immediate solution to the felt need, which could be in form of training, skill acquisition, technology transfer and information dissemination that will assist in maintaining and developing the beneficiaries. It is a process that calls for people to have total control over their living condition. Women empowerment means total life transformation, changing orientation, turning dependent to independent, raising the voices of less privilege and marginalised and turning them to economic actors.

Qu’est-ce que représente le renforcement de capacités de femmes?:

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