Maryam Tauhida

Organisation: Musawah Global Movement

Pays: Nigeria

Poste: Secretary

"Although Musawah Nigeria is still in it’s planning stages with no events of its own, our core group and partners have been involved in a lot of advocacy in respect of women’s rights. Musawah Nigeria’s members have been active in the lobbying for the Violence Against Person’s Act (formerly Violence Against Women’s Act).
I also participated in some field work research in March 2009 on a project by the World Bank “ Improving the Legal Investment Climate for Women in Africa” the Nigerian report, this was contracted to the Law and Development Partnership Limited (a UK and Kenya based firm that provides advice and assistance to developing and transition countries in the areas of safety, security and access to justice; legal, regulatory and institutional reform for enterprise development; governance; and public sector reform). We spent almost two weeks going from Lagos to Kano interviewing women in various professions, from lawyers to bankers, to market stall-owners and NGOs.

I have always given pause when I hear that men are better than women, right from my childhood and I have always spoken out against it. Growing up, I have seen and heard of all the discrimination against women and i am ready to fight for empowerment."

Qu’est-ce que signifie pour vous le renforcement de capacités de femmes?:
Women’s empowerment, to me, is the foundation of a better tomorrow. If women were given educational and economic liberation, their children, in turn, will be given a greater chance of becoming useful individuals to the world.

Qu’est-ce que représente le renforcement de capacités de femmes?:

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