Organisation: Katosi Women Development Trust

Pays: Uganda

Poste: Junior Project Officer

I have personally taken time off out side work to train and guide 18 women in groups of some in villages of Kulubbi- Ntenjeru Sub County to fundraise for their community project initiatives. I guide the women on how to maker proposas, how to sus tain the Projects activities event Wren the funding terminates. My integrations with the women have enabled them build their capacities in that they have now created good local collaborations and partnerships with Sub County leaders, local government leaders and other potential funders in the rural communities.

Qu’est-ce que signifie pour vous le renforcement de capacités de femmes?:
"Rural women in the communities of Ntenjeru of Mukono district have potentials and interests of developing themselves and their communities. However, most times due to cultures, traditions, ignorance, poverty, they are un able to develop them selves.
And through building their capacities such as availing them with trainings in differnet aspects to increase their skills and knowledge on how to manage or operate different many develpmental aspects, educating them to become literate, giving them financial support empowers them to develop themselves as well as their communities to achieve their goals. For example, most rural Women in Uganda are agriculturalist and know their environments well. Especially they have already indigenous knowledge and skills on how to do the agricultural activities. But due to challenges they meet like climatical changes of long dry spells, crop- animal pests and diseases atacas, poverty and segregación from economic agricultural marquetas; they faul to participate in the develpmental proceses.

Therefore, capacity building of Women means government, civil sovietices, and also the communities them selves empower women to develop and achieve thier goals, visions and missions through trainings to build their knowledge and skills either practically or theoratically, enabling them access financial support, educating them either formally or informally, sensitising them to tackle problems related to policy and methods of development, while considering the potential, limits and needs of the women. "

Qu’est-ce que représente le renforcement de capacités de femmes?:

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