Organisation: Widening Scope for Rights and Development. WISCORD

Pays: Nigeria

Poste: Program assistant

"I am fully involved in a Youth Empowerment programme tagged ‘The Young and Emerging Leaders’ Initiative (YELI)’. The programme is an empowerment initiative of WISCORD and LaRen Consulting. It is aimed at developing the capacities of Young undergraduates especially females from some Nigerian universities. Since I joined our organisation, I have also participated in the following women’s rights and empowerment programmes:
• Development of Gender mainstreaming indicators for some Nigerian organisations
• Evaluation/Assessment of organisational gender mainstreaming process
• Development of Gender Policy for some states in Nigeria
• Development of HIV/AIDS workplace policy for some Nigerian organisation
• Evaluation of HIV/AIDS workplace policy of some Nigerian organisation
• Desktop Research on some selected Nigerian women leaders
• Organisation of capacity building workshops on gender and leadership for some organisations in Nigeria"

Qu’est-ce que signifie pour vous le renforcement de capacités de femmes?:
Empowerment needs to cover every area that pertains to life. It means giving women Access to all things that can enhance their lives. It means providing a gender equitable society where limitation are not placed on people simply because of their gender. It also mean creating a society where people irrespective of being male o r female can fully realice their potential.

Qu’est-ce que représente le renforcement de capacités de femmes?:

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