Girls’ Power Initiative. GPI

Pays: Nigeria

Mision: Seeks to empower girls and to promote their sexual and reproductive health and rights, through educational programmes, counseling, referral services and social action

Lignes de travail: Trainings, Economic Skills trainigs, 3-year Sexuality, Leadership, Personal Empowerment and Life Mangem,emnt Skills, Schools Outreach, Gender Development Insitute(GDI), Internship

Nº personnes qui travaillent dans l’organisation: 20

Nº de volontaires dans l’organisation:

Partenners: AMANITARE for Sexual Rights, Internationa Women’s Health Coalitiosn(IWHC), Cross River State Ministry of Education, Cross River Stater Ministry of Health

Site web:

Plateformes ou réseaux auxquelles elle appartient: AMANITARE, Volunteer Service Organizations, Baobab for Women’s Human Rights

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