Forum Mulher

Pays: Mozambique

Mision: Fight for a more just society and with gender equality in the defense of women rights

Lignes de travail: Gender Based Violence Gender Economy Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Non Sexist Education Political Partiicpation

Nº personnes qui travaillent dans l’organisation: 17

Nº de volontaires dans l’organisation: 30

Partenners: FNUAP, UNIFEM, UNDP, UNDEF, UNAIDS, Spanish Agency for International Cooperation to Development (AECID), Norvegian embassy, OXFAM ( Novib,GB, Canada and Belgium), GTZ, OSISA, KEPA, PLAAS, ILC, IBIS, AMANITARE, IPAS, GAS

Site web:

Plateformes ou réseaux auxquelles elle appartient: SOAWAR, Women, World March, FEMNET (The African Women Development and Communication N

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