Federation of Women Lawyers. FIDA - Kenya

Pays: Kenya

Mision: Realizing that women play an active significant part in the development of our society and form the majority of Kenya’s population and yet they face major systematic obstacles that prevent them from full enjoyment of their rights and priviledge.

Lignes de travail: Access to Justice Programme – Legal Representation,Public Interest Litigation, Counselling.Self-Representation Training,Mediation.Pro-bono Lawyers Scheme Transformative Justice Programme – Civic Engagement, Agenda Four, Constitutional and Legislative Reforms, Treaty Monitoring and Research, Policy and Practice Advocacy.

Nº personnes qui travaillent dans l’organisation: 5

Nº de volontaires dans l’organisation: 2


Site web:

Plateformes ou réseaux auxquelles elle appartient: The Coalition on Violence Against Women (COVAW) and WAEAP (Women Awareness and Empowerment Program based in Western Province among others.

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